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All right, we did loose some kilos, but they are back on ever since we reached the southern African countries. Food tells you a lot about a country and its people and so we went for local food anytime. At least anytime we felt like we had a fair chance of surviving it.
In most countries there is no way around local food anyways and we mostly had positive experiences and only rare show stoppers.
When we look back on our travel countries memories are often connected with the local food we had there, e.g. the fresh dates in Sudan.
If you think that we indulged in the most exotic things ever, you are wrong. The basic food of the basic people is, well, very basic … ha. Mostly bread, rice, pap, some veggies, rarely meat, fish on the coast and often french fries. Many things are fried or soaked in oil – it fills the stomach, but does not necessarily go in line with modern diet recommendations.
Of course we mostly cooked ourselves and so spaghetti with tomato sauce became a travel classic – varied by the different spices available.
On the beverage side we mostly stuck to water and instant coffee (we have learned to love it) and to the local alcoholic beverages. We always had the local beers and the local gin.

Here is our favorite list:

Egyptian Oasis Breakfast Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Sandy’s vegetable curry from Tembo’s kitchen, various places, various countries
Jens’ pasta with miscellaneous sauces from Tembo’s kitchen, various places, various countries
First dinner on African soil, Tunisian bread-thingy with egg and spinach
Dinner at PNTA Hotel pool, Siwa Oasis, Egypt
Dinner at Mohammed’s home, Siwa Oasis, Egypt
Falafel at small take away stall, Cairo, Egypt
Egyptian figs
Sudanese & Egyptian dates
Sudanese bread
Sudanese food at people’s homes
A cold bottle of water after long, hot drive, Sudan
A cold bottle of beer (the first after Sudan!) in Gondar, Ethiopia
Shiro & injera for dinner, Gondar, Ethiopia
Ful, bread rolls, omelet and strong coffee for breakfast, Gondar, Ethiopia
Breakfast on Tembo’s roofrack in Samburu N.R., Kenya
Toasted sandwich at Samburu Lodge with view on wildlife, Samburu N.R., Kenya
Breakfast, lunch, dinner at Java Coffee House, Nairobi, Kenya
Our homemade dinners at Tiwi Beach together with the Austrians – all of them! But especially Michi’s fish
G&Ts on Tembo’s roofrack for sunset, various places, various gins :-)
Pineapple & Mango from Mango Man, Tiwi Beach, Kenya
Warm Mandazis (fat cakes) from Mandazi Dada (Sister) at 7 in the morning, Tiwi Beach, Kenya
Indian Food at El Rancho, Moshi, Tanzania
Dinner at Restaurant of Peponi Resort, Tanzania
Breakfast at Irente Farm, Lushoto, Tanzania
Our dinners with Antje & Jens in Tanzania cooked over coals and with additional insects in the sauce :-)
Jamie’s Dinner at Baobab Valley Campsite, Tanzania
Dinner at Old Farmhouse Campsite, Iringa
Christmas Dinner at Mabuya Camp, Lilongwe
Mozambican cashew-nuts
Mozambican pineapples
Mozambican bread rolls - if not sold by bakery lady in Vilankulo (nasty old woman!)
All our delicious braais at various campsites with mostly great views and loads of nature (including hyenas)
Dinner at Klein Aus Vista Restaurant with sunset over Namib Desert, Namibia
Dinner at Canyon Roadhouse, Fish River Canyon, Namibia
Dinner at Thorfynns Restaurant with view on beach, Noordhoek Beach, South Africa
Any cold beer after reaching destination for the day
Captonian Braai at Jason's House in Kommetjie, South Africa - especially the fish and the toasties!

Jens and the 10km Boerwors Braai at Klein Aus Vista, Namibia

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