Worst Camping & Sleeping Spots

Yet again, this list is purely personal and does not necessarily reflect the truth :-)
In Africa most of these worst spots have something to do with
- dirt
- lack of security
- lack of everything and/or
- a rip-off
We would most definitely avoid these spots and are not sad to never see them again!

Rain, rain, rain Irente View Cliff Lodge, Tanzania

Bush Camp, Parque de la Falaise  Monastir, Tunisia  City 
Youth Hostel  Cyrenne, Libya  City 
Salma Camping  Cairo, Egypt  City 
Mebarez Hotel*  Dakhla Oasis, Egypt  Oasis 
New Abu Simbel Hotel *  Aswan, Egypt  City 
Amir Hotel*  Gedaref, Sudan  City 
Honey Badger Campsite   Moshi, Tanzania  City 
Irente View Cliff Lodge  Lushoto, Tanzania  Nature (mainly rain!) 
Kipepeo Beach Village  Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania  Beach/ City 
Luthengano Morovian Center  Tukuyu, Tanzania  er ... Nature 
Forever Resort Blyderiver  Blyde River Canyon, South Africa  Nature 
Die Eiland Holiday Resort  Upington, South Africa  City 
* no camping     

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