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Best Camping & Sleeping Spots

This is our “Best of Camping” list. Please do not take it as a guideline and then send us angry messages about how terrible the place really was. The list is entirely subject to our personal gut feeling and so highly prejudiced.
Apart from the obvious factors such as setting, view, infrastructure and security many factors combine a great camping spot for us:
- how terrible was the road that day and how glad were we to have finally arrived
- the weather
- what were we need of at that particular spot, e.g. food, diesel engine specialist, power for laptop, sleep …
- the fellow campers at that particular spot
- the hosts
- price for beer
- was the beer cold
- did the lions get close to the camp
- was there a discotheque next door …

… and many more. So some of our favorite spots actually offer poor to terrible infrastructure (such as toilets) but at that time other things were more important and we just did not care … The general question is: Would we go back there? And to these camps we would go back anytime!
Other spots did not make it on the list that are perfect campsites and offer everything, but lack character.

So here it is:

Beach Camping at its Best Twiga Lodge, Tiwi Beach, Kenya

Mohamed’s Desert Camp  Siwa Oasis, Egypt  Desert 
At Mazar’s Home  Wadi Halfa, Sudan  Town/ Desert 
All busch camps  Northern Sudan  Desert 
Hilton*  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  City 
Public Campsite, Ahmed’s Gate  Marsabit National Park, Kenya  Nature 
Public Campsite on river  Samburu National Reserve, Kenya  Nature/ Wildlife 
Jungle Junction  Nairobi, Kenya  City 
Twiga Lodge Campsite  Tiwi Beach, Kenya  Beach 
Peponi Beach Resort Campsite  Kigombe  Beach 
Mbega Camp  just outside Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania  Nature/ Wildlife 
Baobab Valley Campsite  South of Mikumi, Tanzania  Nature 
Sangilo Sanctuary  Sangilo, Malawi  Lake/ Beach 
Mabuya Camp (former Kiboko Camp)  Lilongwe, Malawi  City 
Bamboozi Backpackers Lodge  Tofo Beach, Mozambique  Beach 
Satara Camp & Maroela Camp  Kruger National Park, South Africa  Nature/ Wildlife 
Mountain Sanctuary Park  Magaliesberg, South Africa  Nature 
Nossob Campsite  Kgalagadi National Park, South Africa  Nature/ Wildlife 
Bitterpan*, Kalahari Tented Camp* & Kieliekrankie*  Kgalagadi National Park, South Africa  Nature/ Wildlife 
Klein Aus Vista  Aus, Namibia  Nature/ Desert 
Hauchabfontein Campsite  Close to Sossusvlei, Namibia  Nature/ Desert/ River 
Canyon Roadhouse  Fish River Canyon, Namibia  Desert 
Columbine Nature Reserve  Paternoster, South Africa  Nature/ Beach (but freezing!) 
* no camping     

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