The Tour


Route Description

Our planned route will take us from Freiburg, Germany to Cape Town, South Africa and beyond via the East Coast of Africa.
We will enter African ground in Tunisia by taking the ferry from Genoa to Tunis. We will then continue through Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and back into South Africa.
The return trip will be a comfortable one for us (Lufthansa Business Class on my mileage account) and a less comfortable one for Tembo (in an airtight box on a cargo ship to Europe) - but that is only fair, since he will be shaking us thoroughly along the way.
There are many reasons to prefer the East Coast route over the West Coast. For one the East African countries along the way are more stable and more likely to have open borders and secondly the wildlife is more cliché African – hey, and that is what we want. Plus my friend Antje who grew up in Moshi, Tanzania has been telling me so many stories about rain dances and spider throwing competitions, that I simply must go there myself.
Read our stories on the Travel Diary.

Change in plan (06.10.2006): we have taken the countries Uganda and Rwanda off our itinerary. Our friends Antje and Jens are comming to Tansania in October and so we decided to spent the time with them and than maybe go back up to Kenya by the end of October.
We are also thinking of leaving Tembo in Kenya for future trips. That would imply driving it back up to Kenya after touring the southern countires.
So, many new ideas. We will see what we wil do in thend, but this is the fun of this trip.

Time Frame

The tour is plannend for 12 months. Knowing that it can be done a lot faster, we decided to rather have more time available just in case we like one spot very much and decide to stay there for a while or - more likely - in case we have to wait for important spare parts for Tembo. And for a change, we don't want to be in a rush!

As a rough outline we are planning on beeing in Mozambique in December. After a couple of cold beers and whale sharks, we will cross into South Africa. The ramining time will be devided into SA, Namibia and Botswana. Also, we are planning on attending a 1 month ranger training at Kruger Park.

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