Tembo is a Land Rover Series III built in 1982. He owns a powerful 2,25 Diesel motor and is a dutch military edition.
He got his name Tembo (Swahili for Elepahnt) from his big and mighty frame.

Tembo is already Africa exprienced - his pre-owner took him from Germany to Ghana and back. Let's hope he will be able to help us along the way.

Through many coincidences we realized that we had bought "Fred". Fred is the Land Rover Gregor and Irene from www.travelcaptain.de planned on crossing Africa with until they realized that Fred was too thristy for oil and diesel and exchanged him for Ginger - it's a long story realy. Anyways, after many repairs done by the following owner - Fred/ Tembo became quite a perfect expedition vehicle and he will not let us down.



Tembo's travel compagnion is "Spikey" the Rhino.

Spikey from the Gelsenkirchen Zoo

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