The Dustsuckers


We met in October 1995 in our home town of Bad Homburg (Germany) and got married in August 1999 – it really is that easy. We lived in Bad Homburg, Düsseldorf and Freiburg - interrupted by studies in Florida, USA (Sandy) and Calw, Germany (Bex) - the Germans will know, who did the better deal here ...

The past 6 years we spent working like farm animals as business consultant (Sandy) and six sigma expert (Bex), travelling the entire week, sleeping in mediocre hotels and spending long hours at airports, train stations and on German highways - seeing each other only on the weekends.

As a change to business travel we developed the taste for vacations in hot and arid countries such as Namibia, South Africa and Western Australia - happy with just a 4x4, a couple of cold beers and a sunset.

On rainy November weekend in Germany we decided that we should let someone else do the work for a while, quit our jobs and get going. It was Sandy’s dream for ever to go south through Africa to her country of birth South Africa and luckily it wasn’t hard to convince Jens. So we bought Tembo the Landy, quit our apartment, quit our jobs and are off on July 22nd 2006.

Strandfontein South Africa, 2003

Die Staubschlucker (Deutsch)


Hi, my name is Sandy. I am 32 years old and it is about time that we start our Africa trip. This trip has been a dream of mine ever since I can remember. One reason could be that I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and spent the first three years of my life there. A further reason is a certain travel fever and restlessness that was handed down by my parents. Apart from that I was scared to slowly enter the German „Spiessigkeit” and becoming bored and lazy :-)

Before my profession as Africa Overlander, I worked as a Manager for an international consultancy, with focus on the automotive industry. Unfortunately this does not help me at all when looking at the engine of our Land Rover. I wish I had learned something useful … I hope that I can still change my skills from creating sexy PowerPoint charts to performing sexy oil changes.

Despite the joy and excitement for our trip it is hard to leave all friends and loved ones behind – knowing that you can’t drop by on a coffee or have long chats on the phone. I thank my parents – who are partly to be blamed for this trip by telling their Africa stories, such as crossing the Zambezi in a Renault 19 during civil war and rainy season – for their support and love and I am looking forward to your visit in Namibia. I wish my brother Daniel and his girlfriend Leoni all the best for their studies and I hope to distract you guys from your legal scripts with our Africa stories.

Of course I also miss our breakfast club and parties in Dusseldorf, our long Africa and Landy talks Antje (hope to see you in Tanzania) and our shopping trips Mia. Sabrina and Frank, you are the greatest – don’t go to Rome without us! We are already looking forward to your wedding in Denmark Katja and Morten – and don’t fall off any horses, we are too old for that. Love you all.

I will miss you all terribly.
See you next year!!!

Love Sandy


Jens (bex)

Hi, my name is Jens. Some others may know me by the name „bex“. That is coming from my last name and times when partying was supported by a certain beer brand, which by the way is still my favourite.
As I´m the one who is coming from Bad Homburg, a nice Spa town right in the middle of Germany, growing up into a family business in the 3rd generation and having plans to take it over one day, it seems to be very surprising to go on a 1-year trip through Africa. My wife on the other hand is the one who is born in South Africa and she already travelled a lot around this globe with her family and since we are are a couple, she also does it with me. So, that we bought Tembo and are leaving our families and friends for this adventure, is all her fault, supposedly.

But I don´t blame her for that. Not at all!

Before my profession as an Africa overlander, I was a consultant for Six Sigma and Lean Management. Well, I still am because after our trip I´ll be going back and do what I did.
I guess when we will return, the lean part will refer to my body shape. Driving a Series III Landy is not like cruising around on the german Autobahn, being supported by electronical helpers. I´m not sure how often I will have to dig it out of trouble and how often we won´t have that much for dinner as we used to have. So Lean, will still be part of it, I hope. As for Six Sigma, I think it is better not to be so analytical and data driven throughout the journey. I will trust my gut feeling and sense for unpleasant and maybe even dangerous situations to come to the right decision.

For all my band mates and musicians: I won´t take my set with me. It is too big, unfortunately. Although, it may give us good opportunity to earn some money on the road.

For me, the only sad part is to leave my mother Elke, my father Peter, my brother Ralph and the dog Dixie at home. We will take care and call you as often as possible, I promise. I´ll miss you!

Dear Marlies and Fritz: I will take care of your daughter, promise!

The part I´m looking most forward to is to spend so much time together with my beloved wife. We haven´t had so much time together during the past years because of our jobs. I love to share all the impressions and feelings during this trip with her.

To all those who say: “Wow, what an idea. I was thinking to do something like that…but I don´t know…how should it work?” I say: Just do it. Show, don´t tell. Open an account and start putting money into it. That´s how we started.

Now, enough of that. I say hello to all my friends and relatives, I will miss you. Take care!

See you next year!!!Jens

bex Shark Bay, West Australia

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