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Getting ready

Travel Journal

20.07.2006, Freiburg, Germany

OK, we haven't started yet, however we have been busy for the past month with preparations.
Right now we are still waiting for our passports to return from the Sudanese Embassy in Berlin. Tembo is luckily all set and ready to go.
Jens and I however are still in complete dysfunction. We are actually too nervous to get things done. Hope this will get better, once we are off.

We had a great farewell party in Bad Homburg on Saturday and we thank everyone for coming and sharing this adventure with us.

On Tuesday Jens realized, that he couldn't find his entire set of credit cards and we spent our precious time turning every stone over looking for the damn things. Luckily, they are back now. They went through the entire washing cycle of a Frankfurt Hotel laundry, but they still work!!!

21.07.2006, Freiburg, Germany

Only a couple of hours left before we leave our home for at least 10 months. Today however, we got our nerves under control and the passports with our Sudan visa (!) are safely packed.

Right now, we are packing the Land Rover and we realize that we do not have as much space as we thought. OK, I really did pack a lot of books ... and the snorkeling gear is a must :-)

Tomorrow at 6 am we are on our way to Italy. The next entry will be from African soil.
Bis bald.

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Abschiedsfeier mit allen Freunden und Familie in Bad Homburg/ Farewell party with friends and family in Bad Homburg   Jens verlorene Kreditkarten/ Jens lost credit cards 
Tembos Taufe & der neue Hecktürtisch (design: Jens Becker)/ Tembo's christianing & the new rear door table (design: Jens Becker) 

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