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African Garages

Name  Place  GPS  Comment 
F.I.T.S. (Field Industrial & Technical Services)   Nairobi, Kenya   S01 18.293 E36 49.664  diesel experts. Highly recommended  
LandMarque (owner: Paul)  Nairobi, Kenya  S01 18.452 E36 45.673  Land Rover only. Recommended, very helpful 
LAL Garage  Tanga, Tanzania  S05 04.406 E39 05.822  Big garage, all major brands. Was recommended to us by local Land Rover owner. Super friendly and helpful. Owned by Indian - of course. We exchanged all lubricants there and had the crankshaft done. Recommended! 
CMC Land Rover & Ford  Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania  S06 48.760 E39 17.131  More specialized in modern Land Rovers. Owner sent us to DAS for the injection pump check 
D.A.S. Garage & Bosch dealer  Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania  S06 50.773 E39 14.381  diesel specialist, expensive but service ok 
Pirelli Trucks & Wheels  Mombasa, Kenya  S04 00.477 E39 35.858  specialist in wheels 
Corridor Auto  Nelspruit, South Africa  S25 28.416 E30 58.439  just got engine oil changed. nice palce & cheap 
Propshaft & Tune-up Centre  Upington, South Africa  Toekoms St. 7, industrial area, on R360 towards Kgalagadi N.P.
ownwer: Henk Opperman (+27.82.553 8819) 
great place. very helpful. had engine oil and air filter oil changed. highly recommended! 

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