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We bought Tembo already complete with roof rack and roof tent.

We discussed for a long time how to do the interior and studied webpages of other overlanders. Quite frankly, it didn't really help. Somehow one has to find "the own way".

Our way are Zarges boxes made specifically for expeditions. They endure a lot and keep the dust out (at least a bit). We work with 3 large and 2 small boxes. In addition we have 2 large sailing bags for our clothes and one for our "sleeping equipment".

The most important item is our Engel fridge! This buddy will cool down the drinks and keep the aspirins fresh. The Engel is permanently connected to our 2nd battery.

Everyone tells us that we will pack, unpack and repack for n times before we will find the perfect solution. I will keep you posted.

We plan to sleep in the roof tent, but we also packed a normal tent. In case of really bad weather, there is a possibility to sleep in the car, however it will not be a comfortable one.

We packed a gas stove for cooking. Two additional water tanks will provide us with 120 litres of water for cooking, showers and plant watering ...

Against the blazing African sun, we have the possibility to attach a large tarp/ sun sail to Tembo. This will keep us from frying in the sun or respectively from drowning.

Along the way I will try to comment on our equipment and on its usefulness.

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