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After 11.500km

Comments on Equipment

1) Tents
Roof tent and ground tent have both proven their usefulness. The roof tent is not exactly waterproof and so we use an additional tarp as rain cover. Very strong wind/storm is not good for the roof tent however. In these cases we changed to the normal tent. Apart from that it is our main home and we love it. It gives you an excellent overview and keeps you away from the ground, i.e. spiders, lions, dirt.
The ground tent (a Jack Wolfskin, Liberty III) is nice and big and allowed us to stow all our stuff when Tembo was at the garage. For sleeping we use to self-inflating mattresses and they are super comfy.

2) Interior Fitting
Well, how should I say this without showing off too much … We did a pretty good job. We did not really change our concept and there was no big repacking going on. The Zarges aluminium boxes kept their promise and did not let any dust or sand in. We lines the insides with large garbage bags, so the aluminium would not rub off too much black spots. The three sailing bags are also dust tight and when we stay in a hotel/ pension, we just grab the three bags and have all we need for the night.

3) Gas stove
We prefer cooking with gas and so the stove was the right decision. However we had to buy a “campingaz” cooker instead of a “coleman” cooker (not available in Germany). And let me tell you, it is shit. It has two cooking fields and one is broken since Tunisia. So we are dragging around with us a huge gas cooker, but we can only use one field.
We also packed a “camingaz” table lamp that never worked.

4) Tarp
Perfect. Useful in so many ways. We have 3 adjustable poles for it and the rest is attached with straps to Tembo or a nearby tree. It did save us many times from the sun, the rain or things falling off trees (as right now). It is very large though and if there is too much wind/ storm it is better to fold it in.

5) Other
- We love our roof rack. We enjoyed the pyramids from up there in Giza and had breakfast and many drinks up there enjoying the view and nature, especially in the national parks.

- Our water tanks haven’t really gotten into action yet. First we never really managed to fill them up completely and second our pumping system that worked fine in Germany does not work that well any more :-) in 90% of the cases there is water available on the campgrounds. For cooking and drinking we only use bottled water anyways. This is widely available.

- We took a small axe that we use for chopping fire wood. Very useful!

- We took 3 large Mag-Lites with us, 2 placed in front of the car, 1 in the back. They are very useful and can also be used for spotting wild animals at night in the national parks (Jens even owns a special Mag-Lite holder for his belt. It kills me to see him with that, but it really seems to be practical. It makes you loose your pants though.). For that purpose we also took a large spotlight lamp with LED light, that helps you spot the lions across the river. In addition we have 2 head lamps, for reading in the tent or using the notebook at night (like right now) and small LED lamp for inside the tent. Our two table lamps (one from campingaz, see above, and one battery-powered lamp) are not really up the job, so we mostly use a candle.

- Our sand boards, dragged all the way to Nairobi look very cool on the car, but we never got even close to using them. It is good to know that they are there. In addition the obscure the view to the roof rack and so help to hide the spare tyre and the jerry cans.

- We took 3 jerry cans. Only had to use one once. But they are not really in the way and it is good to know that they are there. Right now only two are filled up.

- Our 2 spare wheels and our 1 spare tyre are still untouched. Let’s keep our fingers crossed

- Our latest addition is a samburu monkey catapult (Steinschleuder). It is very primitive, but it works. Jens got pretty good at aiming with it and the monkeys keep a distance now.


Jens chopping fire wood in Samburu N.R.

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